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Aileen Bennett
Babette Hayes
Bill Russell
Debs Attard-Manche
Aileen-Bennett Babette-Hayes Bill-Russell Debs-Allard
USA Australia South Africa  New Zealand
Aileen is an award-winning humorous speaker and uses her English wit to her full advantage in her keynote speeches and training sessions. She is obsessed with helping everyone get whatever they want – at work, at home and everywhere in between, and she knows communication is the answer. Interior designer, stylist, writer, lecturer, Babette Hayes has been involved in the world of design for the past 55 years and has been involved in personal development and growth in Australia and Europe for the past 30 years. She sees her role as supporting her clients, students and readers to achieve their dreams and goals. Bill Russell has over thirty years experience in the financial world as a trader, salesperson, manager and consultant. He retired from Citigroup in 2007 as Managing Director and Head of European Futures in London. Bill is the current President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s Cape Town Chapter. Born in Malta and brought up in Europe, Deborah finally settled in Raglan, New Zealand where she lives in a house by the sea with a menagerie of animals. Her 18 years experience in Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy (in which she has a degree) and complimentary medicine emphasises her interest in the sustainability of all living things.
George Metcalfe
Simon Bucknall
Kirsty Matthews
Rick Armstrong
George simonB Kirsty Rick
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George is a highly acclaimed and charismatic professional speaker and has held seminars and lectures across the UK and abroad, including his extremely popular series of ‘Fearless Networking’ lectures. He is also one of the UK’s most respected coaches having spent many years at the highest levels of business and management. Simon’s career history is nothing if not eclectic – corporate executive headhunting, political campaigning, the charity sector plus a stint working in brand strategy and innovation consulting. An award-winning professional speaker, Simon is the founder of The Art Of Connection, helping high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs to ‘connect’ through the spoken word. With a consultancy and sales background at multinational companies in the UK and Spain, Kirsty decided to focus on the wellness sector 10 years ago. In 2010 she set up Red Wellness to bring experience based solutions to the wellness industry through combining coaching, technology and functional training. Kirsty is passionate about empowering change through freedom of thought. Rick is MD of Mentor, MD of Fisher King Publishing, Director of IQ Property Investments and Area Director for BNI. He is on the North Yorkshire Board for Young Enterprise. He is a motivational speaker and trainer presenting internationally on subjects such as business creation particularly in the SME market.
Rod Hunter
Alan Forsythe
Diana Lowe
Anne Gibb
Rod alan dianne anne gibb
Scotland Scotland USA England
Rod is the Director of SHARE, a charity specialising in helping staff and committee members of Scottish housing associations get better at what they do. He has worked with housing associations for over 30 years. Rod is also a licensed Navigator men’s development trainer, committed to the personal development of himself and others. After spending 18 years working cross-culturally in community and leadership development in East Africa, Alan and his family returned to the UK where he works with a Scottish housing charity as a training and development manager. He is committed to helping people grow through facilitating meaningful conversations where people explore ways to improve organisational life. As a trainer, Diana is passionate about helping others achieve confidence through developing and improving their pitching, presenting, interpersonal and networking skills. She runs high energy training sessions with a wide range of professional and business orientated groups, organisations and associations to help young entrepreneurs communicate their passion and vision. As an experienced business consultant, Anne approaches transformational business change, and the design and development of strategy, through various methods including portfolio, programme, risk, project and change management. Whether consulting, training, facilitating, mentoring or coaching she works with organisations, boards, teams and individuals in leading and facilitating change, learning and development.